What’s Hanging in Bozeman, MT?

What’s Hanging in Bozeman, MT?

Check out Style A’s latest contemporary art purchases

Perhaps you studied art in school. Or maybe you’ve always loved touring museums. At Style A Gallery, LLC, we enjoy meeting art collectors from all walks of life. Experience a casual gallery environment, and appreciate original art from Bozeman, Montana and beyond. Our curator works with contemporary artists to purchase and resell prints, photos, sculptures and other artworks.

To inquire about a certain piece, call us at 406-579-1751.

3 reasons to purchase original art for your home

  1. Art stimulates the mind – invite your houseguests to pause and look at an intriguing print or photograph.
  2. Art is a wise investment – paintings and sculptures often become treasured family heirlooms.
  3. Art is proven to develop creativity – expose your children to the arts and watch them develop their own artistic skills as a result.
Are you interested in a specific artist? Contact the gallery to discuss your art preferences.