Shop Our Prestigious Line of High-End Furniture

Shop Our Prestigious Line of High-End Furniture

Bozeman, MT knows who to call for Pacific Green pieces

Searching for a new sofa? Trying to make a statement with your armchairs and end tables? Style A Gallery, LLC can help. Syle A Gallery represents Pacific Green furniture along with other custom furniture pieces.

We’re one of only a few galleries licensed to sell Pacific Green furniture. These products are handcrafted in Fiji and displayed throughout the world.

Pacific Green is kind to the environment and values sustainable design. Visit our art gallery in Bozeman, Montana to select your Pacific Green furniture.

Remodel your space with original art

Once you’ve purchased Pacific Green furnishings, consider selecting contemporary art for your home or business. Style A features work from outstanding international artists. Our inventory includes:
  • Jewelry – display or wear a beautiful pendant.
  • Sculptures – we have pieces of all shapes and sizes.
  • Paintings – we’re licensed to resell original art works.
  • Photos – our curator can answer you photography questions.

Call 406-579-1751 to learn more about contemporary artists in the area.