Tavin Davis

Artist Statement:

The body of work displays objective subject matter that attempts to be viewed in a subjective manner. It displays a mixture of abstract geometric forms and textured paint strokes that are free from any specific subject matter. The works use scale, repeated shapes, and minimal color to create hierarchies, visual weight, and multiple asymmetric connections. Each piece explores the gap or “in-between” of minimalism, precise geometric and expressionistic styles of work. I am curious about how the overly simplistic geometric forms and expressional accents exist in the same visual plain and how the viewer deals with these obstructions. The work strives to both follow and push the ideals of Minimalism through concept and form. I find it interesting that the almost purely objective subject matter becomes completely subjective when experienced by the viewer without the aid of any specific forms. The works are a combination of acrylic paint, oil paint, acrylic inks, and spray paints. The mediums are applied to layered acrylic sheets. This creates an almost three-dimensional experience through overlapping shapes and casted shadows within a two-dimensional format which attempts to invite the viewer to visually explore the space. The work is ever changing depending on the lighting. The marks made cast shadows, another form appearing in parallel existence to the physical ink and paint, simply made-up of light and shadow.